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Our intention in seeking to maintain community:

  • We WILL be gathering information as to people who are more vulnerable, and ensure there is telephone contact at the least for those people.
  • We WILL use email connection for regular updates, mini-sermons, Bible studies and encouragements. Please check regularly. We WILL provide materials by general mail to those who need it.
  • For those who have it, there WILL be occasions where we live-stream via Facebook. Please stay tuned. Also, we encourage increased use of the Church’s Facebook page, as a way of remaining connected.
  • We WILL provide a team of people to help those who need shopping done, or transport to an appointment, or similar. Please let me know if YOU are happy to be on that team of helpers.
  • Our Kids Ministry, and Youth and Young Adults leaders WILL be working on ways to continue some form of connection for those ministries.
  • We WILL find some creative way of celebrating Easter.
  • We encourage all our members to find ways of continuing to provide for the needs of the church through a weekly offering.


I am convinced that this is to be a season of prayer. Below is a link from Australian Pastor Mark Sayers, a well-respected leader who says that God WILL use this season to move amongst us in our vulnerability and ”light spiritual fires”.

I want to encourage us all to pray… for each other, our neighbours, our families… because God can work deeply in this season. This morning I offered prayer to a person who uses our church on a weekly basis (not a believer), and she warmly accepted the offer. It was a brief, simple, eyes-open prayer, but she had tears in her eyes, and said it meant a
great deal to her…. God will work in vulnerable places.

So please pray. But NOT only in isolation.

Pray daily with the members of your household.

Pray for whoever God brings across your path.

Pray for your immediate neighbours.

Pray for our world, far and near.

I charge EVERYONE with finding at least 1 (or 2 ) other people to pray with regularly, even if it is over the phone if necessary … Be bold, be encouraged, be God’s kids. He is at work!!

Somewhere down the track we will be able to again worship together in the same place. But I believe we will be changed, and it will be a much richer place.

And TRUST!!! This epidemic is not unexpected for God – he will use it for his purposes…

In Him, in all things

Leigh Philp: 0414 921 036

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